MatthieuLoosSmileyUntil 1996, Matthieu has been trained as an improvisor, which has lead him to assume spontaneously the roles of actor, author and director. As an artist, Matthieu is fascinated by the act of creation!

He has co-managed during 10 years one of the most innovative french improv groups : Et Compagnie, and has been the artistic director of the Spontaneous festival, in Lyon, until 2010.

He was part of the french team in Germany’06 World Improv Championship, and in the European Improv Tournament in Switzerland ’08, and is travelling all over the world for 15 years.

In 2004, he grounded his Compagnie Combats Absurdes, in order to direct improvised and scripted theater plays, which he still does and loves.

He started in 2010 a new work with his friend Marko Mayerl, dealing with the fondamental issue of “revealing what is already there”. Their technique, named Slow Improv, engaging actors in their immediate surroundings with a physicality that the Compagnie Combats Absurdes is renowned for, develop stories at a distinctly slow pace.

L’Inedito. Eugène Ionesco

L’Inedito. Eugène Ionesco

Fedeli alla spontaneità artistica ed al teatro del secondo dopoguerra di Eugène Ionesco, sei improvvisatori porteranno sul palcoscenico una storia che non è stata scritta, un’opera anti-opera ispirata dall’assurdo dei nostri tempi assurdi.
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