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Since 1999, Yann Van den Branden is the artistic Director of Quicksilver Productions. He likes to divide his work as…

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In 1999 Yann started to give improv classes for non-actors.

He created his own training concept, discovering that Teachers in schools, Managers in companies and people working
in Human Resources were often searching for more practical and interactive ways of training their staff.

Yann has a passion for improv theatre and he likes to perform in all kinds of formats.

On tv, he played during two seasons in the Belgian version of Who’s line is it anyway and later he even dared to host a one hour live improv show, on national tv. It became a weekly live show that became a big hit.

Typically for his high energy way of teaching is his on going search in finding a balance between accepting someone elses idea and combining this with your own ideas.

In the concept of And Now Yann takes the participants on the inspiring path of showing what the power of saying “yes” to ideas can become. In too many occasions of our professional work we tend to say: “yes, but…” actually meaning “no, because…”

The world of improvisation opens for the participants a new way of saying yes to ideas of others without losing one’s own creativity or power to realise one’s own targets and objectives.

Saying “yes” leads to knowledge. “Yes” is for young people.

Young people who pretend to be wise to the ways of the world are mostly just cynics. In a school environment this behavior is often observed. Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the farthest thing from it. Because cynics don’t learn anything. 

In order to properly “yes, and” in a conversation, both parties need to be listening – really hearing and processing what the other person is saying – and responding.

Teaching listening skills is not just something that just educators can benefit from. It’s safe to say that everyone could be a better listener, students and teachers alike.

Improv happens in the now. Within scenes, actions aren’t talked about, they are just done. Improv isn’t about thinking what is going to happen next or what happened yesterday. It’s about responding to the right now.
The anxiety of “what next” is removed if we are invested in living in the present.

In a teaching environment, by responding to what our students and peers are giving us at that moment, and avoiding the preoccupation with dinner, tests, evaluation – we are automatically more engaged. And if students are too, think of how much more they would learn.

Students don’t just get stuck saying “no” to their teacher, they get stuck saying “no” to themselves, as well.
As teachers, we encourage them to say “no” to themselves. It’s necessary.
Saying “no” is a part of the discriminating processes of editing, self-correcting and coming up with the best answer.

The problem is: creativity requires a complete state of “yes, and”.
Following ideas without judging them can be a difficult skill, and improv is the best tool to teach it.

Improv will make you a more positive, creative teacher. “Yes, and…” is a refreshing answer for students to hear from you, too.

Improv will make you a better listener in the classroom, and more open to new directions your class might take.

Duration: 3h
Workshop in English
Reserved to teachers.
Minimum 8 participants. Maximum 30 participants.

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Thursday, September 15th

from 16:00 to 19:00

Coffee Brecht, via Nilo 20



For reservations please contacts:
t: 329.06.23.794
@: direzioneartistica@improteatrofestival.it



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